BSAAE made ​​freely and voluntarily joined members - agricultural economists and other experts who are dealing with scientific agricultural and rural development, and the theory and practice of multifunctional agricultural and rural development, which acquired a master's degree and Scientific degree of doctor the area agroekonomic, agronomic, economic, sociological and other related sciences.

Starting from the creative role and importance in the field of agricultural and rural development are agricultural economists, NDAE has the following goals:

(а) improvement and development of agro-economic sciences, scientific methods of agro-economic research and agricultural professions;

(b) improvement of the economic system and the development of macroeconomic and agricultural policy;

(c) improvement and development of production, processing and distribution of food, affirming the application of modern scientific and technological developments and protection of human labor and the environment;

(d) improvement and development of the education system of agricultural economists, professionals and farmers in line with contemporary needs;

(f) fostering and developing the principles of morality and ethical standards in their professional work and the protection of the dignity of agrarian economic sciences and profession;


In accordance with its objectives, BSAAE have tasks that:

(1) the development and interdependence of economic, social, technological and environmental problems of production, processing and distribution of food;

(2) study questions cost-effectiveness, productivity, economic conditions, and competitive agriculture in the process of trade liberalization and regional integration;

(3) follow the development of agro-economic problems of science and scientific research, initiate and organize maintenance of scientific conferences in these fields;

(4) encourages the involvement of its members in the program activities of the European Association of Agricultural Economists – EAAE, International Association of Agricultural Economists – IAAE and other similar institutions;

(5)  publishes journals, books and other publications in the field of agricultural economics, independently or in cooperation with other co-publisher;

(6) takes care of social status and recognition of agro-economic and agricultural science and trade, through grant awards and recognitions;

(7) at the request of other institutions or on their own initiative, provide opinions on the proposals and ideas to address the areas of agricultural policy, agricultural development, rural and regional development.


The area of activity of the Association is the territory of the Republic of Serbia, neighboring and other Balkan countries.

The goals, objectives and activities of the Association, access and hierarchical status members (associates, members and permanent members), governing bodies and their responsibilities (Assembly, Presidency, President, Secretary, Executive Board, the Supervisory Board), the acquisition of funds for operation of the Association, regulated by the Statute of Association in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Serbia and the international standards.

Society as full members may, at their request, to join the academic agricultural economists from the former Yugoslavia and other countries in the Balkans. BSAAE governing bodies will adapt the structure of the membership.

BSAAE has a circular stamp with with marginal inscription written in Serbian Cyrillic script: "Научно друштво аграрних економиста Балкана, Београд", and on english language ’’Balkan Scientific Association of Agricultural Economists’’, with stylized letters НДАЕБ/BSAAE in middle.

Association has an emblem, in color and black and white technique: emblem is on rectangular shape of stilized open book with an upright oval area in the middle that resembles grain of cereals on which the halves of a stylized abridged name BSAAE.

BSAAE has memorandum with emblem and his fool name on Serbian and English language and others necessary datas.